10 October 2010

Limbo, limber and aubergines

DSC01429 I am not sure why, but I find myself craving Brinjals at the moment. I absolutely have to have them in every single meal – not that I quite achieve this, but I think about eating them all the friggen time. And have I mentioned that I am absolutely addicted to Chai right now?

The family and I joined a gym two weeks ago. The world will not cease to exist. So far, we’ve just been swimming, but this afternoon, we hope to make it into our first yoga class. Well, the daughter and I at the very least – cannot quite see the Q doing downward facing dog any time soon.

Have I mentioned how much I hate limbo? And the limbo is strong right now. We are waiting to hear which school the daughter will be attending next year, which has put our life on ice. Because, you see, the gypsies have woken up again, and have the urge to migrate. Our current house is just that little bit too small for us, and elbow room is required. But we cannot move until we know which school… round and round I go around the limbo tree.

So stuck stuck stuck. Not dreaming, not reading, not writing, hardly breathing.

But at least the rains have returned and my garden is starting to smile again.


Mandy said...

Nothing on earth can describe the crushing sense of longing for home that you feel when you have migrated. Always remember that. It is hard and soul destroying and you start from the absolute beginning again.

Having said that, there will always be room in our house for you if you ever did arrive. You and the family would be most welcome to stay until you got on your feet.

Vanessa said...

Luckily, right now, we are only looking at moving to a new house in Jozi. All plans to migrate across the pond have, yet again, been placed on ice :|

Mandy said...

So sorry V! I got the complete wrong end of the stick. I blame that on not speaking to you enough any more. We should make a plan now that you've left LJ.

Wenchy said...

The thought of moving scares me. I am not good with that.

I do wish I could stay in 'the parks'... there by the Zoo, but well, $$$$ is so sunny...

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