26 September 2010

Sunday morning 8:39

  • DSC01390 We desperately need rain now. It hasn’t rained since early June and Jozi is covered in a layer of dust, which is absolutely killing my respiratory tract.
  • The past couple of weeks have been insane. Life has changed and changed and changed yet again. I am making peace with it.
  • We finally dragged our lazy asses into a gym yesterday and signed up. We then dragged our lazy asses through several sports equipment stores and ensured we had the proper outfits for each of the activities we plan on participating in at said gym. Hopefully today, we will actually start with said activities.
  • I went to a club last night – oh my word what a beautiful place – for the first time since I quit drinking at the beginning of the year. It was interesting to note that there aren’t that many options for non-drinkers at night clubs.
  • I’m off on a jet plane again in a week’s time in October, this time to Durban for Tech-ed. Yeah baby. (somehow, in my mind, departure date was the 3rd of October - turns out it is only the 17th)

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