13 May 2010

Soured friendships








Soured friendships leave a bad taste in the heart.


Wenchy said...

Unfortunately I know this to be true

Mandy said...

It is so strange that you wrote this and then two days later I experienced a similar thing. In my circumstance it was a bit different. I'm so unused to politics and tribulations that I realised I was being made to feel second best, not good enough, not as much of a friend as other people and I thought to myself, "how lovely. Well, I'll just leave you to get on with your life then". It must be something about me though - I must be aloof and stand-offish because so many people have done this to me before and I think I make them insecure.

Vanessa said...

@Wenchy: *hugs* I guess it is part of the growd-up thing?

@Emm: I think you and I are similar in that way, in that we don't need to see our friends daily, or even weekly, but they always remain in our hearts - and I am slowly realising others don't quite work this way.

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