2 May 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Sweet Child O’ Mine

This week’s trip down memory lane was a nomination from a friend, and when he initially suggested it I was a little sceptical. You see, I would never call myself a big Guns ‘n Roses fan. Well, not in public anyway.

But watching the video again after all these years I remembered just how much I loved this song. And then I realised that I was all of 13 when this song was released – which happens to be the same age as my daughter is now. And at 13, very interesting things happened to me musically.

You see, as I have previously mentioned (I think) my parents listened to a fair amount of rock (Led Zep, Doors, that kind of thing) and everything was good. But at 13, I discovered the joys of ‘new’ rock, metal, goth and punk. And this song was one of the first to lead me down that path.

I think I am now comfortable to admit to liking Guns ‘n Roses. Finally. Yes. And again, it is because of this song.

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