4 May 2010

Mist, rain and trees

DSC02449So, it’s still raining. Everything’s wet, and it lends for a lot of introspection time. Possibly too much.

There is a problem with thinking too much.

There are only 38 37 days left to the world cup. And I get the feeling there is a lot that still needs to be done all over to ensure the rest of the world could have a pleasant experience. But it is around the corner.

And did I mention that it is raining? Autumn has kicked in in full force, in some places, while in others, it looks like spring. I don’t think I have ever seen Jo’burg this green – she is beautiful. The mist is a little insane, but we do see blue sky every now and again, so all is good with the world.

Some random pictures from the past couple of days:


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