20 May 2010

Mist, football and a car show

We’ve had some crazy weather for just about a year now, but the mist the other morning took me completely by surprise.


And this is my favourite shot by far. This was taken at work, early morning with the sun pushing through the mist.


There are only 21 days until the sporting event that shall not be named, and even the ‘serious’ companies are showing their support and participation, like this massive branded football seen outside a very large financial institution’s office block in Sandton.


And then, there was a car show at work today. I was outside having my morning smoke when the cars (and other vehicles) started driving in. The highlight, of course, was the two lambos on show. I wasn’t that impressed with the orange one, but the silver one was really pwetty :)


1 comment:

Mandy said...

Mist looks so funny in that environment! I usually equate it with snow and darkness! I remember driving through fog or mist in Bedfordview once - there was absolutely zero visibility. It was creepy!

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