10 April 2010

Saturday 6:16pm

DSC02211Big news! I bought shoes today!

I absolutely hate shoe shopping. I take a size 9 shoe in most makes, and finding shoes that I like that fit me that fit my pocket is often a mission impossible. So I don’t often go shoe shopping. But, I’ve been on a mission recently to find nice, comfortable shoes that I can wear both to work (when I’m not seeing customers) and over week-ends, and finally found a pair today. Happy me.

In other happy news, I’ve been working on something really great in the evenings, and there is some big news coming in the next week. I am looking for some volunteers to review something and potentially host a give-away. Just leave a comment here, or drop me an email or leave me a message on Facebook if you are interested.

I was waiting for my lift to work the other morning, and our cat Frank attacked the wind-chimes dangling in front of our window:


I took some really gorgeous pictures of the sky the other night, sommer in our back yard.


And some really nice pictures the other morning from the balcony at work.


DSC02194And last but not least, yay! for our flag. We found some reasonably priced South African flags today, which we are proudly waving at home. It is very important to stay positive about the country right now. There are some great campaigns going around promoting positivity, and it is fantastic to see so many people supporting these campaigns, despite the current tensions in the country. It may just be what we need to pull through this and successfully host the WC.

And now, it is 9:25pm and I am signing off :)

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