2 April 2010

Friday 10:02

10:02. Interesting.

Anyway… moving on. It is under 3 months to kick off, and can I just say… I don’t normally get excited for these things, but somehow, this footie fever is even catching me.



Last night, the husband and I went out for dinner at Cynthia’s Indigo Moon. The restaurant is gorgeous, and the food was incredible. Oh, and the service is pretty damn awesome too. The restaurant was voted the best romantic restaurant (in SA I think) recently, and I think it would be pretty great for groups as well.

We had to drive in the rain though, which was a little stressful, and really spoilt all my photo ops. It’s a pity, because it has been a while since I’ve been to Pretoria, and I have forgotten what a pretty city it can be. Here are the best of my pictures from last night (*sob*):

DSC01902 DSC01904 DSC01906

I have been trying really, really hard to ignore the news recently, because, honestly, I am tired of giving Malema or the ANC any more of my time or energy. But I am really, really happy to see that the High Court has gagged the young man a little, and I wish they could simply order him to keep quiet full stop. But then, I read an interesting comment yesterday that made me think. I’ve looked for it again, but it seems the original article has been removed, so I will try and summarise from memory. The poster said that he realised that this country needed Malema, because Malema is like the black hole that is causing the ANC to collapse in on itself. I have been thinking about this comment since I read it, and I am inclined to agree. I am not going to suddenly become a Malema fan, but I think it may be worth giving him some space to allow him to complete this task that has been bestowed on him :)

package_toysThen, I leave you with a classic.  Eddie Izzard always cheers me up, and this one combines a bunch of my favourite things: Eddie Izzard, Darth Vader, Lego and trays 


Mandy said...

It is so hard to do rainy night time photos so I think your photos are lovely! I resist getting drawn into South Africa politics because it stresses me out but I think I might need to talk about Malema soon. I disagree that he should just be given enough rope to hang himself with. He is dangerous an is inciting hate and intolerance. I am happy the court moved in but don't think it is enough. In Rwanda, the only talked about "eliminating the cockroaches". Here, they are actually singing songs about murdering a race or class or people. People like that get stronger on such unequal societies as SA. Sigh. You can delete this comment if you'd like Sweets.

Vanessa said...

(not going to delete your comment because it rings so true)

I share your sentiments on Malema, but it seems like the majority of South Africans feel this way too these days. The ANC is making a lot of mistakes, and seems to be losing a lot of support with the general populace.
That said, I still think Malema is dangerous, and I really hope he is dethroned soon.

Wenchy said...

I really do want to visit that restaurant.... thinking of having a soccer birthday party this year :)

Vanessa said...

@Wenchy: Spoil yourself and go as soon as you can. It really is worth the drive :)

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