3 April 2010

Day out: Lion Park

The weather recently has been a little soggy, so we were really happy to see blue skies when we woke up this morning, which meant we could head out of the city and visit the Lion Park today.

We went for a drive, and saw some springbuck and zebras. If you squint, you can see them.


Then we went to the lion camps. We took a slow drive, with the windows wound up, and saw a couple of lions


In the last camp, we were in for a surprise. We saw the lion and lioness under the trees. Then they got up.


Then they started walking towards us.


And then they walked around the back of our car.


And then she lay down on the ground behind the car.


And he stood watch over her.


We watched them for quite some time, and he stood there the whole time, despite all the other vehicles moving behind them, albeit very slow.

When we could finally tear ourselves away from the lions, we took a slow drive back to the camp, where we ran into this lady:


Who came in to say hello :)


And then walked away as if she didn’t know as at all.


Then we went to go pet the cubs. They were incredibly cute, and stole all of our hearts.


We had a lovely day, and it was only a 30 minute drive from home, so it felt like a mini-holiday without all the packing.

We’ve decided we need to get out of the city more often, so next month, we will be visiting the Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit.

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