17 March 2010


[edited: video replaced with official one]

visit the Shout website for more details


Emm said...

Awesome, phenomenal, brilliant.

Really really good. Am stealing.

Vanessa said...

Isn't it just? It gave me goosebumps, and I broke down and spent the R20 to buy the track.

(ps: I have updated the vid with the official one, you may want to do the same)

Emm said...

Oh, I always try to use official videos if I can. It comes from not wanting Blogger to shut down my blog!

DeeTeeCat said...

I'm a sentimental old fool, this brought tears to my eyes.
I recognise some of the faces, but I probably know the names of the faces I don't know.
What a collaboration, this should go to No1, I think it is a fitting anthem for the lead up to the World Cup.

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