13 March 2010

School hunting

We started school hunting in all seriousness today. Considering Sinead is going to high school next year, this is probably a good time to start.

Sinead wrote an entrance exam at Reddam House today, and we got to see the school too.

DSC01783 DSC01787 DSC01790

Lovely modern school, with a great range of subjects and places great importance on individuality within a safe environment. The teachers appear pleasant and caring, and the pupils appear to flourish. Now we await the results of the exam.

We also visited Parktown Girls last year, which really appealed to Sinead. While Sinead wrote her exam, Quentin and I drove to Parktown to give the school another visit and collect some brochures.

DSC01776 IMAG0072 IMAG0073

A beautiful old school, rich with tradition and heritage, a great academic record and a nice range of non-sporty extra-murals.

We’re off to a high school expo at another primary school during this coming week, and then we need to start making the tough decision of which schools to apply to.


Emm said...

I've never heard of Reddam before - where is it?

Vanessa said...

The Jo'burg 'branch' of Reddam is in Bedfordview. There are also two schools in Cape Town, and a couple more, I think, in Australia.

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