10 February 2010


1005333_electric_cables1. I am sorry, I am slowly catching up on reading comments, but I unfortunately don’t have time to respond to each one right now.

2. I do read a lot of blogs, using an RSS reader. I may not always comment, because I often read when I sit waiting for something, but I do read. And thank you for sharing.

3. I’ve had to enable comment moderation, because the levels of spam is just getting out of hand. If this annoys you, I am sorry and I do understand. I hope it will not be permanent.


Mandy said...

Comment moderation isn't a bad thing. The only thing I'd do is put a note here in the comments box so people don't go trying to send the same comment 30 times! I personally don't do it because I get very little for some reason. I do delete them within seconds though so maybe the fiends realise they are wasting their time. (And yes, I am really an AI hooked up to a laptop life support machine).

Wenchy said...

I never get spammed..... *sigh*... but I like comments on my blog!

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