30 January 2010

Right now…

cloudangels Stolen from Wenchy :)

Outside my window is another grey and rainy day, and pigeons waiting for me to open the back door, so they can savage the cats' food.

I am thinking at the speed of light I am thankful for leading such a blessed life right now.

I am wearing PJs.

I am remembering not much right now - the brain keeps filling up with new stuff.

I am going for breakfast soon.

I am currently reading too many books at once.

I am hoping I am not going mad again

On my mind a million things and more.

Noticing that I may be a little manic

From the kitchen the sound of the kettle boiling - the husband just woke up.

Around the house the signs of the late night I slept through last night

One of my favourite things is sleepy early morning cuddles.

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