8 December 2009

The one where she admits defeat


2009 will be known as the year that defeated me on so many fronts. Work is not one of those, but is a great contributor to the overall loss of the battle.

The biggest loss for me this year was my writing. I did not complete my NaNo novel this year. I didn’t even make it past 11k words, and it was not due to lack of story at all. It was actually due to lack of time and energy.

My daughter and I have declared June 2010 our personal NaNo month, as we both want to finish our NaNo novels, but can’t see time before then to actually get to it.

I am going on a long-overdue holiday at the coast soon and will be offline for the remainder of the year. I am going to use the time away to relax, switch off and empty out the buckets, so that I can tackle 2010 and everything I have planned for it.


Mandy said...

Well I hope you have an excellen and well needed break! Love to you & Q & S!

Wenchy said...

I hope you have a great holiday and that the next year is everything you hope for.

xxx Wenchy

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