10 October 2009

First glance: Sony Ericsson C905

image I picked up my new phone yesterday, the Sony Ericsson C905.

I chose this phone mostly because of the stunning 8.1 megapixel camera, but was secretly concerned about the interface, especially because my previous phone was a Windows Mobile phone (which I do adore), but have been pleasantly surprised so far.

Rather than the 8-16 hour charge that I am used to for new phones, this one only required a 2.5 hour charge, and I was able to use the phone while it was charging.

Syncing my contacts back from Outlook was a quick and painless process – almost easier than with Mobile Sync Center on first run. In fact, I was up and running within minutes – including installing the software that comes in the box.

The camera is phenomenal. The shutter is fast, the flash not overpowering and the picture quality is fantastic. I love taking pictures, but have struggled with the camera on my previous phone, because most of the pictures were just too blurry to use, even online. I took a couple of pictures last night and this morning, and here are some of the results:


Our tortoise, who fits into the palm of my hand.


The dude’s future garden (where I am trying to grow lettuce, spinach and morogo).


My daughter, hula-hooping.

The phone includes MotionGaming and comes with Need for Speed Prostreet installed. To play, you simply move the phone. I am sure if I had to find a lightsaber app, I could have hours of fun :)

I am a little disappointed that the WiFi only supports up to WEP and not WEP2, because this means I cannot connect the phone to our home network seamlessly, but this is not the end of the world, as the HSDPA connection is blistering fast. And with the Blogger app built in, I suspect I may do a LOT of photo blogging going forward.

First glance score:  4.5/5


Emm said...

I've been dragging my heals for nearly two years about getting a new phone. I'd love to sit on the train blogging but I can't decide between a little notebook or one of these fancy phones.

Nice photos though - were you able to watermark them from within the phone??

Vanessa said...

@Emm: I would not suggest this phone for serious blogging. It is fantastic for photo-blogging, but as it doesn't have a qwerty keyboard, it would become frustrating trying to type up long posts.
There are other phones that are great for long posts, especially the Windows-mobile based phones like the HTC Touch and the Sony Ericsson X1 or X2.

I didn't watermark the pics from the phone though - that was done from within LiveWriter - but I know it does have the facility to do so.

Emm said...

Oh, my brother got an HTC and he's loving it. I was looking at netbooks before. There is one that comes free if you get a £25 2 year 3G subscription. *wants*

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