1 August 2009

Nearing winter’s end

snowy peaks I have almost made peace with the fact that I just don’t seem to write in winter. We are nearing the end of a particularly tough winter now – well, tough for those of us who are used to long, sunny summers and very mild winters.

I have spent most of this winter sleeping, or just cuddling up in bed. Normally, when I am not writing, I spend a lot of time reading, but this winter even stole that from me – it was simply too cold.

This morning, I woke up to the sounds of rain, and knew that winter is at its end, and with it, my writing hiatus. I could feel the stories stirring deep inside, and the words bubbling under the surface – the writing will be back soon.

My mother has been tempting me recently. She is moving to the coast in just over a month’s time, and planted a seed – why don’t we move down too. Dreams of working in the morning and writing in the afternoon appeared. And I am not sure I can stop this seed from growing this time. And maybe it is time for a change.


Mandy said...

I think you might all like the coast. :) My friend Jane moved to Durban once though and said it was hard to make friends, that they are all very insular.

Vanessa said...

@Emm - I think it is probably very difficult to move to any city with a lifestyle different to your own. If we do move to the coast, it would be a small town though - which may either be even harder or really really easy. I guess it depends on which direction I approach it from :)

Mandy said...

It always helps if you are a little group. That is, if your Mum is there and you can meet her new friends and vice versa. It is hard for us here as no one is here to introduce us. But I am too much of a hermit to notice anyway.

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