4 July 2009

Sims 3


My daughter is a massive Sims fan, and has been playing consistently since Sims 1. And, as her mother, I always test drive the games she plays, just to make sure that, ahem, they are friendly and safe and all that stuff, you know, but I am not a big fan of the Sims, mostly because, when I play a game, I like to escape reality, and the whole business of having to take care of your sim’s bodily needs is far too much like reality for me.

When we bought Sims 3 for her recently, I of course had to install it and see what it is all about, as usual. And, out of the series, this one is by far the best.

Other than the improvements in the interface and the Sim creator, there are a couple of other things I really do like about the latest offering. I love the fact that the Sims are no longer bound to their property, but are able to go jogging around the neighbourhood or even walk to the beach. And, once they are on the beach, as you can see from the caps above, they are able to go fishing. And not only is fishing fun, but they can either use the fish they catch in their homes – either as pets or for cooking – or they can sell the fish at the grocery store, earning them money. And, every now and again, they can also donate the fish to science.

There are also more options for your sims to make money now. They can buy into the existing businesses in town, and earn weekly ‘royalties’, sell paintings, sell novels and articles and the vegetables and fruit they can grow in their own gardens.

Things I really like:

  • More realistic sim creator
  • Ability to customise everything, including furniture, without much effort
  • Ease of making money without a job
  • You can set lifespans to be longer

Things that annoy me:

  • Swapping between households in the same game is cumbersome.
  • You still need to take care of those bodily functions.

Sims have come a far way. I look forward to seeing what expansion packs will be available for this version.

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