5 July 2009

Robin Hood


I have recently worked my way through season 1 of Robin Hood. And when I say worked, I really mean obsessively and compulsively absorbed as much as my blonde head will carry.

sheriffofnottingham_lge cast

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood grew on me very quickly, Keith Allan is the perfect villain as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the show itself did not irk me as much initially as Merlin did. In fact, I cannot think of a single thing wrong with this show, other than the fact that Marian (Lucy Griffiths) leaves the show. I mean, how can it be Robin Hood without Marian?

I am looking forward to working through season 2, and I believe season 3 is currently showing has just wrapped up on BBC One.


Emm said...

I think you might like how Guy's character develops in the second season.

Did you know that Keith is Lily Allen's dad?

Vanessa said...

I look forward to seeing how Guy develops, as he has so much potential :)

As for Keith... Interesting... may explain some things *grin*

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