18 July 2009

Cheap planters


If garden space is at a premium and you have a window sill that receives a fair amount of sun, these cheap planters are a great way to grow your own herbs or vegetables. We got this idea from a recent NG Kids magazine, and thought we would try it ourselves.


  • Plastic 2l soda bottles
  • Potting soil
  • Decorations: Paint, fabric, glitter, etc
  • Seeds


  • Cut the soda bottles in half.
  • Drill several holes into the lid and fasten again
  • Turn the top part of the bottle up side down, and slide into the bottom part. It should fit snugly (you may need to use a little bit of force)
  • Fill the top part of the bottle with potting soil and plant the seeds.

Should you overwater, the water will collect in the bottom container, and slowly be  sucked up into the soil again. And, if you decorate it, it brightens up the window sill nicely.

It has been a week (and a cold one at that) and we already have some sprouts:


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