7 June 2009

The Youngest Kid to Graduate College Feature Story

Holy cow

The Youngest Kid to Graduate College
Written by: Stefan Julian
11 Year Old Graduates With Honors
Moshe Kai Cavalin started college at age 8 and graduated at 11. On Friday he graduated with honors from East Los Angeles College.
According to Foxnews.com, he graduated with a degree in astrophysics. Cavalin wants to be a movie actor and compete in the 2016 Olympics in martial arts. According to Digtriad.com, he wants to go to Stanford and be an astrophysicist.
Kotaku.com reports, Cavalin has tutored his classmates and is graduating with a 4.0 grade point average. Cavalin plans to head to a 4 year university.
He is the only child of an Israeli father and a Taiwanese mother. Calavin looks up to Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein. The little prodigy says that he’s just a regular kid who loves piano and martial arts. He specializes in algebra and advanced astronomy.
Calavin is the youngest kid ever to receive an Associate of Arts Degree. His mom and dad have decided it is time for him to take a break.

The Youngest Kid to Graduate College Feature Story

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