4 April 2009

WLW: xPollinate Part 2

As per my previous post, I am testing out xPollinate for Windows Live Writer.

To use the plug-in, you need to compose your blogpost in WLW and publish it to your first blog. Then, you click the xPollinate link in your plug-ins bar.

wlwpluginsview wlwxpollinate


Configure the blog(s) you want to post to, select if you want a header or footer stating that it was cross posted from the original blog, and click OK.

Your content will now be posted to all selected blogs.

Note: The other blogs will not automatically open after posting like it normally does with WLW, but I have checked and posting appears to be instantaneous.

Hint: If you select a header or footer, be sure to leave space for them in your post. Add an extra space above or below your entry, just to be sure.

1 comment:

Emm said...

Cool - gonna give it a try for LJ.

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