25 April 2009

The results are in (almost)

Counting has almost finished, and it looks like the ANC has lost its 2/3 majority, which is great news. Final results should be out later today.

This is where we stand at the moment:


  • ANC: 65.96%
  • DA: 16.6%
  • COPE: 7.41%

Other good news is that the DA managed to get the Western Cape:


COPE has performed really well, considering the party is only a couple of months old. According to News24, the ANC received 69.69% and the DA received 12.37% of the vote in 2004. This means that the DA has grown their support base considerably since 2004, and the formation of COPE did not take votes away from the DA. If the DA and COPE can form an alliance for 2014, they may do be a formidable opposition party that has a real chance of taking an even larger chunk away from the ANC.

Final results should be available from the IEC later today.

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