13 March 2009

Fill in the blanks

I found this on Brainzooming, and thought this would make a fabulous meme for writers and non-writers alike:

When you’re challenged, who will _______________________?

  • Inspire you?
  • Have a philosophical conversation with you?
  • Give you a pep talk?
  • Guide you through it?
  • Help you be a better person?
  • Tell you things will work out?
  • Challenge you some more?

Do you have answers to all these questions? Are you the answer to some (all) of these questions for the important people in your life? If either answer is "no," you have some reaching out to do with others!

When I am challenged in my writing:

  • I am inspired by the writing of Haruki Murakami, Terry Pratchett and others.
  • I will have a philosophical conversation with my mother
  • My fabulous husband will give me a pep talk
  • The wonderful writing blogs online guide me through it
  • My amazing friends help me be a better person
  • My wonderful daughter will tell me things will work out.
  • My muse will challenge me some more

How about you?

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