26 February 2009

Veronika decides to die

I am surprised that this one only caught my attention now for the first time. Based on one of my favourite books, Veronika decides to die will be hitting the big screen this year. Here is the trailer:

I am not a huge SMG fan, but I will give her a chance. And I think the casting of David Thewlis is simply spot on.


Mandy said...

Oooh. That does sound exciting. I was never a fan of SMG but I have just started watching Buffy and would be interested to see if she can actually act. I think I'll read the book in preparation then.

Vanessa said...

I cannot believe I haven't told you about this book before. It saves my life so often.

Mandy said...

Oh you have - and I have been meaning to read his stuff for ages. It's just now I have a deadline and a plan - read it before the film comes out so i can so see it.

tenderhooligan said...

Oh, I didn't know about this either. VdtD is the only book of his I've ever enjoyed.

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