14 February 2009

For record keeping purposes

This morning, I woke up and checked the time. It was just after 7:15. I pulled the curtains closed to block out the sun, moved my mouse to check email and discovered that we were offline. I tried to ping our home server, and, when it did not respond, I got up and walked into the lounge. It took a second or two to register that it was considerably emptier than it should be. And then, I screamed.

I’m a girl. It comes natural.

My screaming woke Quentin and Mike up, who rushed in to see what was wrong.

I noticed the front gate was standing open, but the door was closed. Opened the door to see that the lock on the gate had been broken.

Luckily Sinead was sleeping over at a friend’s house. Because, checking through the house, we realised the following was taken:

From the lounge:

  • 2x PCs
  • 1x 26” Samsung monitor

From Sinead’s room:

  • HP Pavillion laptop

From Mike’s room:

  • HP Pavillion laptop

Nothing else was taken. Not Sinead's wallet containing her birthday money. Not the Xbox. Not the sound system.

Mike was sleeping in his room, and his laptop was on the little table next to his bed, less than a metre away.

One of our neighbours happened to be in her bathroom early this morning just after 6:30am, and she had a clear view of the road. She saw a blue Toyota Tazz in good condition pull up outside our house and a well dressed man got out. Then she saw a man sitting on top of the roof over the front gate, who passed items down to the well dressed man, who, in turn, placed the items in the boot of his car. The other man then jumped down and got in the car. They drove off. Unfortunately, she was not able to see the number plate.

Mike got up just after 6am this morning to switch off the porch light.

Luckily none of us were harmed. But, someone was in our house. We feel violated.

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