23 January 2009

IMDB – Fail!

1014795_untitled I have been using IMDB for years now, years I tell you. And, while I am not generally very active on forums, I did, on occasion, post to the forums on IMDB. It has been a while since I have done so, but tonight, for some strange reason, I had the urge to post. Imagine my surprise when I was asked to verify my account, and the options used was to either sign into my Amazon account, or send a verification message to my mobile phone. No problem, I thought, I have an Amazon account and keep my wish list updated fairly regularly, so I know my account is active. I picked my toenails for a while waiting for Amazon to load up, only to be told that I could not use my Amazon account to verify, because I have not bought anything from Amazon for the past year.

And herein lies the big fail. Amazon stopped shipping to South Africa just over a year ago now. So even if I wanted to, I could not buy from Amazon.

This means that, effectively, if I did not have a mobile phone, I would never again be able to post to the forums, and possibly participate in other funky things, on IMDB.

Major fail *salutes*


tenderhooligan said...

Man, that's annoying. What's wrong with verifying by email?

Vanessa said...

Apparently, it is no longer enough :(

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