4 January 2009

Emptying my mind

If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad. 
~Lord Byron

141472_pencilsCurrently, my writing plans for the next couple of months look like this:

1. Finish Young Gods: edit, rewrite and polish. This should be done by the latest June/July?
2. Finish Pointe and Shoot: well, considering we have done none of the work over the holidays we had planned, and I have only written around 500 words on this, I am not even sure how long this is going to take.
3. Finish current WIP short story: with some focus, I could have this done by the end of January.

I am sure a new story will start sloshing around soon, but I don’t even want to allow it until at least #1 on the list is complete. But I would like to think that, before the year is out, there will at least be a rough draft for a completely new story somewhere between my head and my hard drive.


Unknown said...

wow Lord Byron said that? I have to agree though....
great goals - I am formulating mine now - I'll let you know mine and I will check in and see how you are going through the year huh?

Vanessa said...

@Annie: thanks. Will check in on you every now and again too *wink*

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