6 December 2008

Top 20

Well, we’ve done it. We have made the Top 20 list. Maybe not the ideal Top 20 list to be on, as it is the 20 of the world’s most dangerous countries list.

South Africa suffers from a high level of violent crime, including rape and murder, although most visits to the country are trouble-free as the majority of cases occur in townships and areas away from tourist destinations. Robberies and car-jackings at gunpoint are increasingly common.

Other countries on the list include India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya and Sudan. This is a scary, scary thought.

It is little wonder that more and more South Africans are fleeing, or attempting to flee, to other shores, despite the economic climate in the rest of the world. Most would rather sacrifice the weather and wide open spaces in favour of being safe. All of our friends are currently exploring their options, and many work colleagues are also looking at options outside of SA’s borders, because the crime levels have just escalated out of control, and it is very obvious that the government is not interested and not able to resolve the problem.


tenderhooligan said...

Yes, that's not a 'Top 20' to be happy about at all.

Vanessa said...

@Le Snoop: thanks. I think most of us feel the same way too :)

@tenderhooligan: indeed. I think this year, I need to find the good facts about living here.

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