11 December 2008

News - Front Page: 'Santa Claus is dead'

A Christian group says Santa is "the new pagan god of materialism" and should get the chop.

"Teach your kids Santa Claus is dead and Jesus is alive!" the Cape Town-based ChristianView Network urged parents in a media release on Thursday.

"Let's reclaim the day to put Jesus first," said network director Philip Rosenthal.

"I look forward to the day when, like the ancient Roman gods of Europe, Santa Claus is forgotten and discredited."

Rosenthal said commercial interests would spend millions of rands trying to convince people to spend the next week in a mad rush of shopping, instead of thinking about why Jesus came.

The real Saint Nicholas, from whom the name Santa Claus was derived, would be horrified to find his name being abused by "commercialist idolatry".

Rosenthal urged people to highlight "Christ" whenever they wrote the word CHRISTmas.

ChristianView Network, which describes itself as a "conservative evangelical" organisation, also campaigns against abortion, homosexuality and pornography. - Sapa

News - Front Page: 'Santa Claus is dead'

Wonder if they realise that, if one follows the Bible, Jesus’s birthday is actually in April, so there should be no Jesus//Christ in Christmas either. The date was incorporated into the Christian calendar to convert the Pagans.

And, well, as for Santa being a new god… and a pagan god of materialism? Yes, well, ok. If they insist.

Wonder why they campaign against homosexuality though… maybe they also believe it can be ‘cured’?

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