11 November 2008

The pet shop

A silly little idea.

Oh mom, please can I have one? Look how cute this one is. Tiny little black eyes, cute little teeth. Please…
No, where will we keep it?
He can sleep in my room.
And when he gets bigger?
I don’t mind. I will make space.
But they grow up quicker than other animals.
I will make space for him. And when he gets bigger, he can sleep in the tree house.
Wouldn’t you rather have a puppy?
No. I want him. Look how cute he is. Please
But what will we feed him?
I will make a plan. Catch mice for him, anything.
And when the need to hunt kicks in?
He’ll be completely tame. Please mom.
I am really not sure about this. What if he bites someone?
I promise, I will make sure he doesn’t.
And if he does?
Then I will show him the error of his ways.
I really don’t think this is a good idea. Really.
But mom… we had a deal.
Yes, my boy, we had a deal for a pet. I am just not sure about this one.
But mom, all my friends have one. And Billy has his very own zombie. And Peter’s got a werewolf. And none of their parents mind.
Oh, all right.
Thanks mom, you’re the best! We will take this vampire, thanks.


Anonymous said...

This was good! I thought it was some kind of "normal" pet at first. Then when the talk of hunting and catching mice came up I figured it was something more exotic - like an owl or a huge snake. But, when zombie and werewolf was mentioned...a totally different pet! Great job!


Anonymous said...

@shelly: thank you so much :)

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