3 November 2008

The insanity has set in

I am sure the insanity that goes hand in hand with participating in NaNoWriMo has set in already. The biggest clue, for me, would be the fact that I dreamt this week-end that I had offered to proof-read something for Neil Gaiman, and then told him that I could only do it after November - so he had to push out his own deadline.
I didn't quite reach my target of 6000 words for the week-end. I am also 1000 words short of the 3000 word target for the week-end, but I am sure I will make up for it during the week.
If you are participating, feel free to add me as a buddy. My username is mysehnsucht.


Anonymous said...

I managed about 5400 words. But I am writing my memoir this year and if you can't write your own life - well - you really suck.

It's only day 4. Ebb and flow.

~willow~ said...

Hi! I've just added you as a buddy. I'm ranting.willow, do add me too? :) I like your dream, Gaiman's one of my fave authors! I took a day off from writing yesterday, now I'm gonna be scrambling to catch up even more! Yikes!

Vanessa said...

@Annie: that's good going :) How's the island going?

@Willow: I have added you too :)
It's good to take days off every now and again too.

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