13 November 2008

I haz stuff

lol-awwww (2) I have not been writing (much) this week. I was supposed to have been studying instead, but I didn’t do that either. I am not sure what I have been doing instead, but I know I have been really busy.

And while I have been sooooooo busy, I have found some goodies I would like to share.

I did get in around 480 words last night, and another 500-odd this morning, thanks to Dr Wicked’s Write or Die. Great fun for just getting the words out. They weren’t the best words I could write, but I realise that, if I want to make it past the 20k mark by this week-end, I will need to completely switch off not only my inner editor, but also my inner perfectionist. After all, that is what the rewrites and edits are for, right?

Then, for all your grammar questions, visit the Grammar Done Right cartoons. They are really cute, and get the message across. Be sure to visit the accompanying website and buy the book :)

And while I am on the topic of books, Literary Agent Donald Maas wrote a book called The Career Novelist: A Literary Agent Offers Strategies for Success way back in the 90s, and has made it available as a free download here. I have started reading through it, and it looks like a great resource for anyone considering novel writing as a full time career.

[ETA] Editor Terry Whalin also has a free download of his book, Straight Talk from the Editor: 18 Keys to a Rejection Proof Submission available for download here.

Ooh, and I see Write Anything has also posted a great post today filled with great links to sites specially for NaNo.

And now, I need to see what Dr Wicked will do to me if I don’t reach 500 words.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the plug about Grammar Done Right! You are too kind. Happy writing!
Karen Reddick, author

Anonymous said...

Some great links here Vanessa, thanks!

Vanessa said...

@Karen: It's a pleasure! I love plugging great work :) And thank you for stopping by!

@dustymuffin: Anytime!

~willow~ said...

Hey thanks for the info! I downloaded the two e-books, and will scan thru them later ... once my Nano projects is complete... 35K down, another 15 to go!

Vanessa said...

@willow: good luck with NaNo - you are so close to the end now :)

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