8 November 2008

First kiss: Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

For me, the first book I read by an author is often like a first kiss. If the author becomes one of my favourites, the first book will always remain special, my favourite favourite.

My first kiss with Murakami was Norwegian Wood. It introduced me gently into the beauty that is a Murakami novel – crisp and clean like fresh snow, wild like ginger, passionate like wasabi. I try and read it every 18 months at least and every time I read it I am overwhelmed by the beauty and melancholy and then, eventually, once I have recovered, I am inspired to be a better writer.

Imagine my delight when, this evening, while browsing IMDB, I discover that a movie is in the pipeline.


~willow~ said...

you have intrigued me greatly by your snow/ginger/wasabi analogies:
I've added this to my goodreads "to read" list :)

Vanessa said...

@willow: I really do hope you enjoy it. It is a beautiful book, and a wonderful introduction to Murakami's writing.

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