5 October 2008

New Moon

New Moon (Twilight Series, Book 2)

I broke down yesterday in desperation, and bought New Moon. Since reading Twilight recently, the world in Forks has taken up a lot of time in my subconscious. I am sure I have mentioned my weakness for vampires on many occassions, so it is no surprise that the Twilight series has grabbed my attention (finally).

I love Stephenie Meyer’s style of writing. She doesn’t waste words describing the scenery, but rather gets right to the story, and in New Moon it is no different. And the story kept me turning pages. Knowing it is written for teens, one can easily accept the amount of predictability, and get swept away in the raw emotion and depth of characters.

After Twilight, I could not understand why there was such a big Jacob Black following, but now I do. I feel incredibly torn between the two characters (Edward and Jacob), and I am not sure how I am going to get through the month before I can get my hands on Eclipse.


Mandy said...

Which version of Twilight and New Moon do you have? Because Eclipse is half price at Amazon. If you email me your postal address I would gladly buy it for you and post it to you.

Unknown said...

Hi - just because you have nothing better to do.... 8 things you do to avoid writing ( it was my '8' for Friday fiction last week)



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