4 October 2008


imageI never thought I would be this happy to see those letters.

I realised towards the end of last year that, just maybe, it was time to update my certifications, considering my NT4 MSCE was no longer really valid. Getting back into writing exams has been incredibly hard, considering the last time I wrote an exam was, er… 2001? And that was the ITIL foundation exam, so it wasn’t even technical.

But, filled with inspiration and vigour, I wrote my first exam in April (and passed) and then other stuff got in the way. My deadline to complete the 2003 MCSE was October (as in, this month) and I heard it whooshing by for months on end. But, I have written another two exams recently (and passed) and this gave me those four little letters, as I now hold the MCSA qualification. And, I thought I better keep the momentum (or force it to speed up a little), so…

Exam schedule is as follows:

  • 15 October: 70-293
  • 29 October: 70-294
  • 12 November: 70-297
  • 26 November 70-400 (SCOM)

Written like that, it is not nearly as intimidating as it is in my head.

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