3 September 2008

Post from Chrome

This is my first post from Google Chrome.
So far, I like it. Of course, there are some things missing, and I may not do my banking from it, but for general surfing, all I can say is

Oh!My!Word! I love the speed.

I have done some page by page comparisons between IE7 (with IE7Pro), Firefox 3 and Chrome, and 90% of the pages load up much faster in Chrome than the other two. It does, however, have some issues loading up pages on IMDB and seems to have a problem with the FCKEditor, meaning posting to most other blogging sites from the browser is a near impossibility*.
Far better experience than the hour I had IE8B2 installed, unfortunately.

* Luckily I use LiveWriter to post to my blogs normally, so this isn't too much of an issue for me.

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