10 August 2008

NOVA and the Novel

903265_reading_old_handwriting Now that The Novel is at a point where there is not as much writing to do, I have reconsidered writing a short story to enter into the NOVA Short Story competition.

The target word count is 5000 words. I have done about 800 words so far. I have added another counter in the sidebar on this blog to keep track of the progress on this new story.

I finished all the minor edits my daughter highlighted this morning, and fixed a couple of things in the first four chapters of The Novel, so the third draft is well on its way. I am not quite sure how I am going to handle the word counts for this round, as this is mostly a polish round. For that reason, I have removed the word counter for the novel for now. I am not even sure it is important, at this point, to keep track of word counts. I will probably rather keep track of completed chapters, and find a different gadget to help me do so.

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