18 July 2008

Vincit omnia veritas

920958_life_is_hard_1 What a week. I got some good writing done last week-end and at the beginning of this week. But, of course, one cannot expect smooth sailing all the time. I haven’t written anything since Tuesday. But, I have taken a day’s leave for today, and hope to do some catching up. I also have some editing to do. My daughter’s been reading the second draft, and highlighting some things I need to fix.

I have 17 days left before I hop on the plane to the conference. I have around 10k words left to write, maybe even less. I can taste the end, and I am hoping I can devour it over this week-end.

I have created a separate blog, for scribbles and writing prompts and that kind of thing. I will also be posting my participations to the Fiction Fridays there – like I did today. I am actually enjoying writing little snippets of other things in between. I have been busy with the novel for such a long time (for me, anyway) it feels like it has seeped into everything I am and do, to the point where I feel like we have overstayed our welcome in each other’s homes. Writing bits and bobs here and there helps relieve that, and keeps me motivated to finish.

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