10 July 2008

Stumbling through the words

writing_contest This has been a good week for writing. The wind has forced us indoors, and the cold has forced us into bed. It has been so cosy, sitting in bed with my laptop on my lap, snug as a bug, and words simply flowing from my fingers.

It is so easy to make up excuses for not writing, and I think often the biggest cause of writer’s block is the writer. In my case, this is true anyway.

I reached this week’s target, only if to avoid the guilt trip I would put myself on at 2am. But it felt good. I have also written down some more notes for the second book, and this has proven to be even more motivation to get book one done, because I simply do not have the time to work on multiple projects at the same time, so I have to finish one before starting on another.

So, an update:

  • Total words written in the past 7 days: 7137
  • Total new words written in that time: roughly 6000
  • Chocolate desserts made: 2
  • Other chocolate-based items eaten: 3
  • Hours spent wallowing: 12
  • Hand cramps avoided: 6

Every week it seems I come across more and more good writing sites. I am thinking of making a regular sites of the week post, probably at the end of the week, listing the great sites I have found during the week. Or alternatively, I should just add my Stumble feed to the site. It all depends on how time goes, really.

I have, however, been thinking, since I found the site this afternoon, of participating in Fiction Fridays, starting next week (since tomorrow! is Friday!)

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