24 July 2008

So many words, so little time

Quote of the Day:
WARNING: Repeated brain usage may be harmful to others.


994211_sign_3 I was supposed to write my exam today, so I spent most of this week preparing for said exam. Unfortunately, a little mishap happened with the booking, so it was actually booking for this coming Monday. It means that not much writing happened this week, until today.

I  have managed a good 1500 words today, and a whole new chapter was born. I have crossed the 50k mark now, which is a great milestone for me, bringing the current total wordcount to a little more than the first draft’s total. I am going to try and do as much writing as possible this week-end, but I suspect some time will be consumed by studying too.

As I am writing now, all the mistakes I made with the first draft are clearer, and things are happening now that I never quite planned for. I am tempted to go back and add bits and bobs in the earlier chapters, but I am resisting purely so I can actually finish this draft.

My daughter has finished reading the first 22 chapters, and have made a fair number of revision notes for me. I will start on those, as well as a couple of revisions I have made mental notes of, after I return from the conference on the 6th of August.

As an aside, I think my daughter will make a fairly good editor – she has the right eye for it, and the love for language and literature. She has picked up things that even surprised me, and has a remarkably sharp eye for spelling and grammar mistakes for an 11 year old. She still maintains that she wants to be a writer when she grows up, so we will see.

And remember, tomorrow is Fiction Friday.

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