13 July 2008

Long time no smell…

Wow, we have been such bad bunnies. We have not updated this blog in over a month, as far as I can see. So, what is new with the Bruwers?

Well, to be honest, it is cold, and money’s a little tight (like it is for everyone), so we haven’t really been up to much recently.

Sinead’s been on school holidays (and goes back tomorrow), and Q and I have been working our little behinds off, and other than that, we have done very little.

Wait, I lie. We have consumed vast amounts of media. Every evening, we get home from work, quickly cook something we can fill our tummies with, and crawl into bed.

Sinead has recently discovered the Buffyverse, as well as Dr Who. We have also been watching the following:

And then, we are counting days now for the following movie releases:

And, if I can gaze into my imaginary crystal ball quickly, I am predicting that the next month or so will be much of the same, with Winter still being around until at least mid-August.

There should be another update in the next week or two, when we receive Sinead’s latest report card. Until then…

Stay warm.

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