7 July 2008


I knew a painter in a bad way
Trying hard to find a muse
Staring at his canvas which had no use
And he knew he needed something to get him by
So out he cried…

Where’s my inspiration moving faster
My inspiration is coming up in me
It’s my invitation to come and show the nation
What’s coming up in me

Now he looked in every corner
He looked in every street
Just couldn’t seem to find
What he thought would set him free
He hung his head in shame
Full of doubt, and shouted out…

Where’s my inspiration…

Now far in the distance
Way on the other side
He could hear a special song
That crept in his mind
And it relit the fires
That burnt out before
And out he roared…

It’s my inspiration…

My Inspiration by Prime Circle

IMAG0333 Music inspires me continuously. I listen to music while I work, while I write, while I read and while I create. Sometimes, the music invokes anger and rage, and helps with this particularly difficult tasks, like cleaning, or killing off a loved character, while other times, it sends swirls of colour through the mind’s eye, opening doors to other worlds. It also help block out the real world for those moments of intense concentration.

When I wrote the first draft of The Novel™, I had just started my love affair with local band, The Parlotones. In fact, I bought the latest album just before I started writing, and it was all I listened to for the entire month. Now, with the second draft, there are still certain scenes where I listen to them to get the feel right. But, since I have started writing the second draft, I have also started a new love affair, with Norwegian band, Kaizers Orchestra (as my recent listening activity clearly indicates). And I am sure once I read through it, I will be able to detect the different flavours.
There are other constants in my writing play list. Beethoven always makes an appearance, as does Tchaikovsky, The Beatles, Wagner, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (which is great for dark story telling), Einsturzende Neubauten, Bryan Ferry and many more.

Funny enough, reading good books does not always inspire me to write, and I often take a break between reading and writing, for fear of contamination *smile*

What inspires you to write? Is there one constant that keeps you focused when needed?

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