26 July 2008

I like stats

I now seriously maintain 3 personal blogs. I must be crazy, but I am managing somehow. One of the biggest challenges for me, in the 10 years I have been blogging, is to be a sociable kind of blogger, and pimp my site everywhere. I don’t put the addresses in my signatures on forums, or in my e-mail.

It has, however, become easier in recent years to plug your blog without shoving it in people’s faces, so that even someone like me can, you know, get some eyeballs. And a lot of the services available these days also provide really great stats – something that, in the past, I would have had to work out myself.

I have been particularly happy with the stats I have been getting from Amatomu.



I only added this blog to Amatomu about a week ago, and already the stats are coming through. I particularly like these graphs:


This one is for my writing blog:



It gives a clear idea of what one can do to attract more traffic, because you can see which posts are popular. The most popular post on my other blog received the hits mostly because I added it to StumbleUpon, as an experiment.

My next step would be to try and monetise the hits. I know I can use Adsense, but I have had some issues with it – I am probably just doing it wrong somewhere, and will keep trying until I earn more than 1c a month. I will also be looking at some other services, so that I don’t keep all my eggs in one basket. Suggestions are welcome :)

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