14 July 2008


I did the unthinkable, and merged my Wordpress blog into this one.

I say unthinkable, because it seems that everyone goes the other way around – moving from Blogger/Blogspot to Wordpress. The complete lack of documentation out there proves this right.

Why did I chose to retain Blogger and move away from Wordpress?

Mostly, because I like Blogger and the flexibility it gives me in terms of look and feel. I have spent an immense amount of time recently customising all my Blogger blogs (with the help of some really generous people who have made some really stunning templates available for free), and have found the ability to do this at Wordpress lacking, unfortunately.

I am not saying I dislike Wordpress, or that I ever received bad service or outages or anything.

That said, I have been with Blogger for the better part of 8 years, and have never really had any issues, and thus decided to consolidate this way.

I will write a blog entry shortly on exactly how to do this.

But, the purpose of this blog entry, I suppose, is also to define what I am going to be doing here.

My WP blog was typically for my political rants, and some random thoughts. This blog has, since inception, done nothing but collect hordes and hordes of links – a little pointless, considering I also add them to Stumble.

For the sake of history, I am keeping all entries from both blogs here (and I will be spending the next couple of days fixing up the entries I imported from WP), but, going forward, this will be the blog replacing my WP blog as well as my Live Spaces blog.

I will be migrating all the posts from my LS blog here too in the next day or so – once I can figure out how many blog posts there are to be exact, so that I can use the nifty tool I downloaded earlier (which will be covered in the promised post about the migration).

So, what you can expect to see here going forward:

  • Tech stuff: anything from deep tech to gadgets, as the mood grabs me.
  • Political bitching, because it is part of my every day life :)
  • Random thoughts about life, the universe and everything.

This should be the last time I do this kind of consolidation. I say should with a capital Maybe.

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