26 July 2008

Catch of the week

south_africa_flag_large This week, Catch of the Week is taking on a bit of a local flavour. It is often hard to find information about the local publishing industry, unless you know someone on the inside. And, actually, the industry is alive and kicking with a vibrant pulse and the energy of a three year old on sugar.

Book SA is the local hub of the publishing industry. You can read blogs by local authors, publishers, editors, etc, all in one convenient place. It is a great place to keep track of the local publishing industry, such as book launches, readings, trends and simply what those involved are thinking. You can only sign up if you are already in the industry (ie. as an author, you have to have been published/signed a publishing contract), so you cannot use this site for self-promotion – which is not an entirely terrible thing either.

Novel Idea: A selection of top South African authors have created stories specifically for the mobile platform. You can sign up, for free (but you may have to pay for data transfer to your mobile provider), and receive a chapter a day, on your phone. This is such a good idea, and I have been loving my daily snippet of literature.

Can you twist: A story telling reality show. Funky, funny, incredibly awesome.

Strange Nervous Laughter: the blog of local author Bridged McNulty, who is also one of the participants in Can you twist. She is funny, go read her now.

Dusty Muffin: Another local author. Great writing. Go read.

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