5 June 2008

We will believe anything...

We South Africans are rather gullible. No, seriously, we will believe anything, as long as it comes from a source we think of as trust-worthy.
We believe the stories our friends tell us in hushed voices of tow-truck drivers who purposely spill oil on roads to cause accidents, and, did you know, that is why so-and-so died. The bastards.
We believe that if it is in the newspaper or on the radio or on TV, it must be true. The Internet is filled with lies, but our local media is always, always right.
We believe that the foreigners are here to steal our jobs and rape our women. Our own people would never do such things, so we must chase the foreign devils out.
We believe that our government has our best interests at heart. Never would a comrade put his own needs above that of the country. Viva Ubuntu, Viva the Cause, Viva the African Renaissance.
We believe that Mugabe is on his way out. And he will go quietly, making way for a new leader the people of his country chose in free and fair elections.
And, sadly, it would seem like we believe every single negative action in this country is fuelled by racism. And everything that is wrong in our country is still the result of colonialism and Apartheid legacies.

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