23 May 2008

Wasting time

And suddenly, it is Friday.

This has not been a good writing week for me. The xenophobic attacks in my country, in my city, have left me completely speechless and wordless.

But, it is Friday. Time to work on my procrastination skills just one more time.

While Stumbling this morning, I came across this writing prompt generator, which can be a lot of fun to use to get the word-flow back. And then, the free online rhyming dictionary is appealing to the poet in me right now - even though my poems never, ever rhyme. And, maybe once I have used the previous two sites and written some stunners, I can submit them to Espresso Stories :)

I had a giggle reading through Foreign Signs, and decided to bookmark it, for in case I should ever want to set a story in one of these locations. Another site I bookmarked was Latin Phrases in Scholarly Writing, not just because I love Latin as a language, but these can all come in rather handy some time in the future, maybe.
But, I have to be honest and admit that I had most fun this morning with Cow Abductions.

The most useful site I have found all week, however, must be Waiting-for.com. I can see the simple suggestion offered being particularly useful once I start querying agents.


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