4 May 2008

Recycle It! - Things you can do with old CD's


Recycle Those Old CD's

"Scratch Board" - I like taking my unused AOL etc...cd freebies and painting them with either an acrylic or fabric paint. I then lightly draw/trace a design onto the dried surface and proceed to scratch onto the design. This removes the paint and leaves the shiny rainbow part exposed ... voila you have a unique "scratch board" ... ( you can use a thick sewing needle ,pencil or end of a small paintbrush) Contributed by J.snuggles

Drop spindle for spinning wool - You need roughly two cd's (aol's free ones work very well) a dowel about 12 - 16 inches long some rubber tubing and a small metal hook. Place the rubber tubing around the dowel and place in the center of the cd's about four inches from the top. screw metal hook into the top and spin. Contributed by Rachel Lapine, dragonflyeye@home.com

Christmas Light Reflectors - We use them as reflectors for Christmas lights outside....the c-7 size bulbs fit thru the opening and then we put the light string on outdoor stakes and line a sidewalk...looks REALLY cool when it is lightly raining...the clear colored bulbs work best, but the opaque ones will do. Contributed by Cathy Bruce Purdy, cpurdy1@austin.rr.com.

Use as Reflectors - Fasten to a wooden stake by pre-drilling and screwing/nailing it to the wood, shiny side OUT, and use as reflectors along your sidewalk or driveway. Contributed by Lala, wtedward@tusco.net

Candle Display - Use cd's shiny side up to sit small pillar or votive candles on. The reflection off the cd's is great for centerpieces on buffet tables, especially during the holidays. Contributed by pk, starchild@netrax.net

Sun Catcher - The sun's rays reflects all sorts of color off of them. Glue 2 CDs together (label sides to one another) To make holes for hanging, use a large enough needle or a nail. Use a pair of pliers to hold onto needle or nail and hold over an open flame to heat, then push through the two discs when hot enough. Run some decorative cord through the hole(s), decorate both sides, but nothing too large or you'll ruin the effect and the purpose of why you are making. Contributed by LuLu, LuLu5841@aol.com

Christmas wreath. - Instructions here

Christmas ornament ideas - For our company party (we have a small staff), I am using glitter glue to make festive designs on the shiny side of the cd's. We will slide decorate string through the hole of the cd, and tie a knot to make a loop, long enough to hang from a Christmas tree. Then we're taking Polaroid pictures of each couple. We will use fancy edger scissors to cut around the pictures and paste on the center of the decorated cd. If there is a label on the backside of the cd, you could cover with wrapping paper or construction paper and decorate with glitter glue, sequins, beads or whatever! Contributed by tammynak@bigfoot.com

More Christmas ornament ideas - Using a permanent marking pen, Xmas shaped sponges and\or small simple stencils, I traced small stockings, bells, trees, stars and snowman on the shiny side of the cd and then cut them out using a small electric scroll saw. The key was to go slow. Then I used the dremel to smooth the edges and punch the holes to slip cord through to hang them. The finishing touch is to paint the label side with acrylic paint sponged on, or use snow texture paint, or glue and glitter. The commercial cd's show a pretty silvery color and writeable cds a lovely gold color. You can personalize the small ornaments with kids names written with a metallic permanent marker or acrylic paint. Or string a whole bunch together for a wonderful homemade garland. Contributed by Liana, liana@direct.ca

Spinning tops for kids - Adult, take a knife and push through hole in CD making slit each side. Force a penny half way through hole. Spin CD on the edge of the penny. Enhance by gluing dowel to one side of penny to make it easier to spin. Contributed by Steve Holder, shunra@ibm.net

Borders - In a teen's bedroom they make a nice substitute for a wallpaper border (it takes ALOT though). If you don't have that many you could also use them for a window or mirror border. Put them side by side or overlap them. Contributed by Stil

Use CD as template when you need a perfect circle for a project. (Bonus...you have two sizes!!) Contributed by Tracey, Darling89@aol.com

Mosaic - Break into small pieces and use as mosaic tiles.

Make a clock - buy clockworks at your local craft store, the CD has a readymade hole in the center!

Wall decorations - I took an old venetian blinds and cut it up and made f petals. The plastic blinds are easy to cut. I painted the petals, five to each cd's. Then I spray painted the top coat with clear paint. Then lined 5 petal to each cd's and put a button in the middle. Then laced the outer edges. Four disk are lined up on the wall around my computer. It looks great. Another idea is to make angel wings by cutting the cd in half. Paper tape the cut. It will come apart if you don't. Take glue and spread other edge of the disk and put glitter on it to hid the tape. It makes a beautiful wings and shiny too. Contributed by Gloria,

Mobile - Drill holes in the top and string together to make a mobile.

Paint w/ oil paints.

Paint w/ acrylic mixed with multi-purpose sealer.

Paint and decorate w/ material, hang or frame.

Use as coasters - cover w/ felt.

Make a collage - Glue together to make a wall collage.

Garden helper - Run a string through the hole and hang in yard or from trees to keep birds away from garden.

Make bowls - Place in oven on low heat over a metal bowl shape, or heat with a blow dryer. When softened, they can be bent (gently). Glue to small plates or seal hole and use for candy dishes, fountain bowls, etc.

    Any time you break CDs, Saftey glasses or goggles shoud be worn.
    Handeling any broken pieces of CD, caution should be taken, edges are sharp and can cut the skin, like glass does.

Recycle It! - Things you can do with old CD's

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