15 May 2008

Midnight muse

And strictly meditate the thankless Muse.

- John Milton


My muse seems to work best after midnight, following warm, cosy naps and bags of chocolate.

I think I am about halfway with the second draft now - that is 50% in sight, ladies and gents. Chapter 12 is finished, and 13 is breathing. This is good indeed, because some serious stuff is happening now. No, seriously.

I had a feedback session with my beta reader again today, which was great. Apparently, what he has read so far has been so enjoyable, he has read it for the second time already, and enjoyed it even more. Apparently, I am funny. I have a couple of revisions to do - I apparently repeated an explanation a couple of times in the earlier chapters which needs urgent fixing. Chapter 12 felt like it took forever, and I got stuck a little, and then, I had a nap while watching Harry Potter (OTP) again, and, when I woke up, the rest of the chapter was in my head. I like downloading from l-space sometimes *grin*

This really is the best time of the day for me. Every one is asleep, the house is quiet apart from the scattered snores and I can really clear my head. The only problem is that I need to get up for work in just under 4 hours. gah!

This balancing work, life, family, being wife + mother and writing is hard sometimes. Invariably, one will suffer. I try and give each aspect a turn to suffer during the week - today, it is sleep's turn, obviously. Tomorrow, possibly my sanity.

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