27 April 2008

Yay, she cried.

Quote of the Day:
A court is a place where what was confused before becomes more unsettled than ever.
--Henry Waldorf Francis

Some interesting things happened in Frank today. The story has changed direction ever so slightly again, changing the tension and making the conflict more believable. The characters are also a little more fleshed out now.

I have written mostly new scenes the past two days, today's wordage adding another 2000 words

When my father-in-law read the first draft, his only comment was that Frank's mother got away with too much too easily, and I knew this was true, but it wasn't quite clear at that point how I was going to fix it. It fixed itself today. Yay!

I also think I am getting the hang of this dialogue thing. Double yay.

I am still using the first draft as a guide, but the further into the story I go, the more I realise that the first draft is practically just back story and key points. It means I will get to my target of 90k easier, because there is just so much story still to write, and I can smatter the back story in between as it makes sense. But man, is there a LOT of back story :)

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